hihi!! you've arrived @ nepeta's cozy cave!!
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this webpage is my safespace, away from the mainstream internet, the web is WAYYYY too much of a corporate jungle nowadays, here i can escape from all of that and be free!!
this is also a mini-tribute to the early internet... i love the early web so much... ^__^

best viewed on a 1920x1080 computer running windows!!
this should display OK on mobile devices, but it's not optimized for it </3


12/6/24 did i ever properly thank you guys for the support?? if not, THANK YOU!!!!!!!
new blog entry, i also suddenly started to work on the art page. you'll see that soon, i think.

10/6/24 69 followers. nice. >Bo]
im working on the web goodies page, if yall are wondering what im doing. it'll be done someday ^__^

6/6/24 weblog + archive page is up!!! all the old blog posts from wappydog are in the weblog page, and the archive page dives into the history of this site!! check it out >:o]

5/6/24 nekoweb cookiebox (the box you see when you first go to nekoweb.org's explore page) has been changed to the nepeta.pet theme, minor adjustments to the site layout!!
gonna start working on some pages now, hopefully it doesn't take too long lol ^__^

4/6/24 welcome to nepeta.pet!! don't worry, wappydog hasn't been hacked, i've rebranded the entire site!!
i felt like wappydog didn't quite represent me as a person, so here we are!! a lot of pages aren't done yet (literally only one page works as of typing), so keep an eye out for more new updates!!

1/6/24 initial nepeta.pet v1 layout creation ^__^

":33 < omg!! pawllowers!"



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Q: what is this place??
A: you're on nepeta.pet, aka nepeta's cozy cave!! you're in my little safespace ^__^

Q: will you ever finish this site??
A: short answer?? no. long answer?? this site will forever be changing and growing as i learn more about this silly coding language lol

Q: why nepeta??
:33 < beclawse why not? :OO (the name comes from nepeta leijon, a character from the hit webcomic homestuck!! i have found myself heavily attached to nepeta as of recent so.)

Q: were you wappydog??
yep!! i was wappydog from mar '23 until jun '24!! i moved away from the alias because i felt it didn't quite represent me...

Q: banou??
A: yes ^__^ (say hi to mimi!! they're my wappydog)

":33 < music time!!"

now playing: clark powell - requiem


the new domain isn't part of most of these webrings yet, please bare with me...

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